Vintage 2016 has began at Whistler, with around 30% of our fruit through the doors and into the winery already. The fruit is looking stunning, with just over 40mm of rain in late January giving the vines a much needed drink after the warm dry summer that we have experienced.

So far we have harvested Semillon for our 2016 Bertha Amanda Frizzante and 2016 Audrey May, Riesling for our 2016 Estate Riesling and Grenache for the 2016 Mathilda Louise Rosé. Shiraz is up next, with all of our Shiraz blocks being harvested over the next few days apart from one which will be hand picked by our Purple Hands Gang within the next few weeks.

It looks like it will be another compressed vintage, similar to 2015, with most of the varieties booked in to be harvested within the next three weeks. I have been using a very flash machine harvester called a Pellenc Selectiv’ On-Board Process harvester, that picks the fruit from the vine, destems the fruit from the rachis (bunch stems) and leaves perfect whole berries that drop into the bins on the harvester. All of the leaves, petioles (joins the leaves to the stems) and canes are returned directly to the vineyard rather than being bought into the winery. A much more sustainable way of harvesting fruit.

I look forward to keeping you all up to date with vintage when I have some spare time.

Cheers for now,

Josh Pfeiffer- Grapegrower & Winemaker